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A broken gauge with the word NPS on it
Business Analytics

Friends Don’t let Friends use NPS

Is Net Promoter Score the definitive measure of customer satisfaction? Unveil the limitations of NPS and the richer insights from multiple metrics.

Analytics Engineering

Escaping SQL Traps with the Unified Star Schema

The Chasm Trap and the Fan Trap are two common SQL JOIN mistakes that cause unwanted duplicates in the result of queries. The Unified Star Schema is a powerful new solution to these old problems.

Alternate heuristics allow for better exploration of the solution space
Organizational Management

Diversity Leads to Better Solutions. Here’s why.

The evidence for the business benefits of diversity is now overwhelming, but WHY does diversity lead to better outcomes? In this post, we’ll explore the mechanisms that turn diversity into a competitive advantage.

Metrics & Measurement

Data-Driven Multi-Touch Attribution Demystified

Traditional multi-touch attribution models are simple to implement but make false assumptions. We can do much better with data-driven approaches with little additional effort.

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