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Metrics & Measurement

Your Conversion Rates Are Lying To You

Your conversion rate metrics are lying to you in subtle ways. Can you avoid the hidden traps when using conversion rates to set targets?

Analytics Engineering

Generating Unique Keys In BigQuery

If you’ve ever tried to build an enterprise data warehouse using BigQuery, you’ll quickly realize that the auto-incrementing primary keys you were so fond of

Illustration of the overlap between caught and marked fish, and a second capture of fish where some previously marked fish apear
Metrics & Measurement

How To Measure What You Can’t See

How can you count things like to total number of fish in the sea, or drug users in a city, when you can only see a small subset of the population?

Decision Making

Absence of Evidence IS Evidence of Absence

You hear this phrase left and right, yet it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Let’s use Bayes’ theorem to break down why this statement is untrue.

Analytics Engineering

Agile Machine Learning with dbt and BigQuery ML

What if I told you there was a way to drastically cut down the time it takes for you to deploy machine learning models to production using your data warehouse?

It’s totally possible with dbt and BigQuery!

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